Werewolf of Steel phone wallpaper

You asked, and you shall recieve! The Werewolf of Steel album cover is now also available as a wallpaper for your phone of choice. Download it today!

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Ten songs that shaped our musical development

Mathias got the honor of picking ten songs that shaped his musical development over at Rockfarbror.se. Check out the list with comments (in Swedish only)!

Half a million streams!

The Werewolf of Steel has now passed 500 000 streams on Spotify. Not bad for a creature from the darkest depths of Hades!

Rattle Inc review

A new review of ‘Back from the Grave’, courtesy of the Hungarian heavy metal magazine Rattle Inc, is up. Check it out, and as always Google Translate works wonders!

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‘Higher’ video is out today

That’s right, your soundtrack of summer 2021 is out now! Check out the video on YouTube or stream and buy through your preferred service!

Carnal Agony – Higher single artwork revealed

Carnal Agony – Higher single artwork is revealed! As always, the design is made by the immensely talented Elsa Wallin. Digital single and lyric video out April 30th!


Carnal Agony proudly announces that our new lyric video for “Higher” of “Back from the Grave” will premiere April 30th! Check out the trailer on YouTube!

The Werewolf of Steel smashes another milestone

The Werewolf of Steel has now passed 300 000 streams on Spotify!

KOBZR Magazine review

“‘Back from the Grave’ by Carnal Agony has become a musical hit.” New review from KOBZR Magazine is up, featuring a description of their favorite tracks. Check it out!

Rock Queen Review

A new review from Rock Queen Reviews is up, featuring a track-by-track breakdown of Back from the Grave! “A melodic trip into infectious beats and catchy speed metal anthems, ‘BFTG’ is the album destined to put CA on the metal map.” Check it out!