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Ten songs that shaped our musical development

Mathias got the honor of picking ten songs that shaped his musical development over at Check out the list with comments (in Swedish only)!

Cover story

Carnal Agony is interviewed in and featured on the cover of edition #240 of German magazine Rock City!

Interview with Tuonela Magazine

A new interview with the band is up over at Finnish Tuonela Magazine. Check it out!

Video interview by KaaosTV

Mathias sat down with Aarto from KaoosZine for a chat about the music scene, his influences, the new album and of course the Coronavirus. Check out the video interview over at KaaosTV – and don’t worry, it is in English!

New interviews

Two new interviews regarding “Back From The Grave” have been posted. Swedish only – but Google Translate or equivalents works wonders!

Rocknytt – Carnal Agony återvänder från graven

Svip – Nytändning för albumaktuella Carnal Agony