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New review

A killer new review from Poland’s Dark Planet was published today.

New review

The French ‘zine Metal Waves has posted a new review for Preludes & Nocturnes!

Review from Necromance

The reviews keep coming in! This time it is the brilliant webzine Necromance from Spain that have done an extensive and thorough review. Enjoy the reading!

New review from Pest Webzine

Another good review, this time from Pest Webzine (scroll down on their page to find the review).

New review from The RingMaster

A new review for Preludes & Nocturnes from The RingMaster is up. Pretty extensive with a track-by-track breakdown. And in English!

New review up!

A new review of Preludes & Nocturnes from Sounds Behind The Corner is up!

New review from Kaosguards

“The voice makes Chris Boltendahl (vocalist of Grave Digger) look like a small girl with a heavy cross to bear”. Awesome review in French!

New reviews up

New reviews for Preludes & Nocturnes up!

True Metal Lives (English)
Metal Temple (English)
Power Metal Warrior (Polish)
The Thrash Metal Guide (English, scroll down to Carnal Agony)

First review up posted a great review of Preludes & Nocturnes a while ago. Check if out here! Only in Italian, but Google Translate works wonders.