New review from Pest Webzine

Another good review, this time from Pest Webzine (scroll down on their page to find the review).

New review from The RingMaster

A new review for Preludes & Nocturnes from The RingMaster is up. Pretty extensive with a track-by-track breakdown. And in English!

Carnal Agony Spotify Playlists

Did you know that we have an own playlist on Spotify that we update monthly with great old and new metal that inspires us? The Metal Playlist of the Month! Also there is the archive where Playlists of the Month’s go when they are replaced called The Art of Heavy Metal. If you like Carnal Agony, you’ll be sure to find something you like there. Check them out, and remember: “If you’re not into metal, you are not my friend”!

New review up!

A new review of Preludes & Nocturnes from Sounds Behind The Corner is up!


The Frozen Throne makes impact in Sweden’s biggest gaming zine Gamereactor!

New review from Kaosguards

“The voice makes Chris Boltendahl (vocalist of Grave Digger) look like a small girl with a heavy cross to bear”. Awesome review in French!

The Frozen Throne Video

Check out this awesome fan made video for “The Frozen Throne”!

Preludes & Nocturnes lyrics

Satisfy your carnal karaoke desires by learning the words to Preludes & Nocturnes at!

Stream “The Frozen Throne”